What is anyCall?

anyCall, for your cross-chain Dapps
In the beginning were just blockchains, isolated in the cryptosphere. Then bridges were created to connect assets between any two chains. Then the Router came to allow assets to be transferred between arbitrary chains. Here we present our new vision for cross-chain Dapps, because Multichain has been here from the start, but we never stop innovating.
Multichain is on a journey and the cryptosphere is evolving. This is our vision of the future — anyCall.
  • Chains<>Chains. Multiple chains coexist, while bridges enable chains to be connected.
  • Dapps<>Dapps. Dapps will communicate across chains (cross-chain Dapp), more than simple multiple-chain deployment (multi-chain Dapp).
To promote the cross-chain Dapps under the multi-chain ecosystem, here we present anyCall, a cross-chain messaging router protocol. This is the next phase of revolutionary interoperability features offered by Multichain. anyCall is a generic cross-chain messaging protocol, which can send cross-chain messages and call contracts from chain A to chain B. It enables the easy calling of contracts native to one blockchain from any other blockchain. The call is secured by Multichain nodes, which are already used to secure billions of assets.
With just one transaction, anyCall can send arbitrary data, like smart contracts, NFTs, messages, tokens, data, etc to any other blockchain.
Last modified 5mo ago