Use Cases

Multichain’s anyCall feature will change how developers think about and build Dapps radically. Web3 platforms like DEXs, NFT marketplaces, and lending protocols have traditionally been built to support the assets in the native blockchain. In the future, this vision will change, and new age Dapps will natively build around the idea of having cross-chain compatibility. Here are some ideas that anyCall has the potential to facilitate.
  • Cross-chain DEX
With anyCall, DEXs will be able to pool liquidity across multiple blockchains and make cross-chain swaps a seamless process. Common liquidity pools will ensure efficient utilization of liquidity and with less slippage.
  • Cross-chain lending protocols
With anyCall, lending protocols will enable users to deposit on one chain and borrow from other chains. While allowing users to pursue yield arbitrage and other strategies, they could also maintain accounting between the different chains. Liquidation of collateralized positions could also be accomplished cross-chain with anyCall.
  • Cross-chain arbitrage bots
Since it is so fast to work cross-chain and since the fees are so inexpensive and swaps are 1:1, anyCall will be ideal for price settlement, or arbitrage between chains. This will unify assets, no matter where they reside.
  • Cross-chain oracles
The interface with real-world asset prices will take a leap forward, since anyCall can be used to access and update oracles from any supported blockchain, utilizing oracles wherever they may be, but allowing Dapps to reside on all chains.
  • Data Sharing
anyCall can be extremely useful for the data economy. Web3 data markets can be unified on a common platform, promoting the efficient use of Web3 Data. Examples of usage could include decentralized social media platforms, identity verification, credit history, or records of ownership via NFTs'.
  • Cross-chain NFT migration
NFTs that are native to one blockchain can be easily migrated to other chains with better markets and a bigger audience. NFTs' can be created on the most secure chain Ethereum, but easily interacted with from cheaper and faster chains.
  • Unified Metaverse
anyCall brings Web3 one step closer to the vision of a unified metaverse where one Web3 identity can interact with multiple metaverses. It also enables the migration of metaverse NFTs from one platform to another.
  • Unlimited Possibilities
With anyCall, anything can be interoperable across any blockchains in one single process. We are sure that inventive coders will think of many other applications for anyCall beyond the list of ideas we have had.