What makes anyCall stand out?

  • Universal cross-chain communication
With the help of the anyCall function, a contract on the destination chain can be called directly from the source chain. Therefore the generalization of the anyCall function enables it to share information like commands, state, data or even messages across chains, making it optimal for any sort of cross-chain communication.
  • Secured by the MPC network
Whenever the anyCall contract is called in the source chain, it is the MPC nodes that verify the transfer of information across any chain through the anyCall contract. MPC as we know, is one of the most decentralized and secure systems to relay information across blockchains.
  • Easy integration
anyCall can easily be implemented on any blockchain, as it is just a contract. Its implementation does not require a hard fork. The methods are well described in our documentation and we provide friendly and reachable support for coders implementing it.
  • Backed up by the Multichain ecosystem
The Multichain ecosystem is one of the most robust and advanced cross-chain communication protocols in Web3. The MPC network in the multichain ecosystem is efficiently decentralized and secure, reaching more than 40 blockchains now, with many more on the way. Therefore by being a part of the multichain ecosystem, you know that your investment in time to integrate anyCall will be rewarded as we grow and it becomes a standard in our industry.